Memorial complex "Brest Hero Fortress"

The Museum of the Brest Fortress Defense was founded on 8 November 1956. On 25 September 1971, the Memorial Complex “Brest Hero-Fortress” was opened by comprising the museum, monuments and objects of the fortress. The exposition of the museum, dedicated to the 170-year history of the Brest Fortress, covers 1,270 m2. Special attention is paid to the fortress defense in June-July 1941, to the defenders, search operations on identifying the names of the perished, to the preservation of the memory of the multinational garrison of 1941. More than 4,000 exhibits are displayed (including the objects found during excavations, personal belongings, documents and awards of the participants of the events. The fund collection includes 47,781 items in the main fund, and 36,479 items in the research additional fund. The most valuable exhibits are in the collections of “Weapons”, “Things”, “Numismatics”. The Memorial Complex provides tours, lectures, lessons, film shows, actions, meetings, and it is involved in exhibition projects within the Republic of Belarus and abroad (Poland, Germany, England, Russia, the Netherlands). In 1956-2012, the museum and memorial were visited by 21,500,000 people. In 1999, “The Museum of Fort 5” became the Memorial’s branch. The priorities of the museum are: patriotic upbringing, preserving the objects of the Brest Fortress, developing the Memorial as a historical and cultural tourist centre.

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